Quicker and easier than scissors.
More custom fit than pre-cuts.

Home Health Care and Professionals now have access to improved Ostomy care. Stomico Ostomy Pliers are a revolutionary new Ostomy care product! A better way to cut stoma openings in wafers and appliances. Punch Pliers that are simple, fast, effective and ergonomic.

Stomico Ostomy Pliers - New Ostomy Tool for all patients with all types of Ostomies - Colostomy, Urostomy, Ileostomy. An alternative to ostomy scissors.

Information for Ostomy Patients

Learn how Stomico's Ostomy Pliers are helping to improve the quality of life for people living with all forms of ostomies.

Resources for Ostomy Caregivers

Information for Healthcare Professionals who treat colostomy, urosotomy and ileostomy patients. Find out how Stomico's safe and effective Ostomy Pliers can assist your ostomy patients.

Ostomy Patient Testimonials

I received the Stomico Pliers, Cutting Disc, Measuring Rule, and Storage Bag that I ordered from you recently. I was most impressed with them. My step-father was tickled to get them also. But the care providers that were most appreciative were the Home Health Care nurses! (Apparently some of them have never seen or heard of this product). The pliers certainly make cutting the hole in the wafer a 5 to 10 second job, and certainly beats tracing a hole on the wafer, and then trying to cut it round with a pair of scissors! I applaud this product and hope you have great success with it.
- Ostomy Caregiver (Danny in GA)
I am very pleased with the Stomico pliers and showed them to my ET nurse who loved them! I have since had a stroke and don't know what I would do without the Stomico pliers".
- Stroke Patient
  • The 1MM increment sizing of the Cutting discs provides the ability for true custom fit.
  • Beneficial for patients who are sight impaired.
  • Will greatly assist patients with arthritis and hand or grip problems.
  • A safe alternative for psychiatric institutions and prison infirmaries.
  • The accurate cutting capability eliminates the waste from mis-cut wafers and one piece systems.
- E. T. Nurses Comments